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Specialists in Hydraulics, Controls & Powertrain System Engineering

Located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, Mobile Equipment Design & Automation Technology "MEDATECH" provides engineering, design, and prototyping service to original equipment manufacturers “OEM’s” specializing in Mobile Equipment. 

The company was founded in 2003 and has developed a significant portfolio of heavy equipment projects. Our focus has been on mining equipment design but has now grown to include a variety of industries; Construction, Mining, Transportation and Energy. 

Battery Powered Mining Equipment

MEDATECH has recently introduced its ALTDRIVE system as an alternative energy powertrain platform for electric mining equipment. We are in the process of adapting this electric powertrain to Electric Mining Drills, Electric Haul Trucks, and Electric mine utility vehicles such as an Electric Grader. The vehicles are typically battery powered but may also include hybrid engine or trailing cable technology where necessary.

Continuous Hardrock Mining

There is a movement within the hardrock underground mining industry to convert to continuous mining methods in order to improve outputs of their operations. Thinking like the Oil & Gas industry where a pipe can be stuck into the ground and the product continuously pumped from the earth the hardrock miners are looking for new methods and machines to achieve the same result. Today there exists continuous mining machines but they are limited to soft-rock. One of MEDATECHs projects was to develop a targeted drill like the directional drills of the oil patch. The Narrow Reef Drill developed targets only the ore vein and drills and flushes the ore out in a solution to be pumped and processed on surface.

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