About Us

Mobile Equipment Design and Automation Technology also know as "MEDATECH" began as a single-person start-up in 2003.  Over the past ten years, our company has grown to include a wide range of services to a variety of industries. For the most part, our work has a common thread which is connected to heavy equipment. 

The MEDATECH team has extensive experience with mobile equipment design and fabrication, including the areas of mechanical system design, powertrain design, hydraulic system design and control system design.  We believe that we must be industry leaders to provide professional and competitive services to our clients.

The MEDATECH office is located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

“Test fast, fail fast, adapt faster…” – A Development Strategy


“Test fast”

We test your theories fast. During the initial stages of a project we review all risks involved before there is major investment made. We quickly analyze current available technologies and verify that the project is feasible. Our target is to ensure our clients are on the Leading edge vs. the Bleeding edge of development so return on their investment can be realized in an acceptable timeline.

Test fast approach keeps the initial spend low and allows us at the early stages some time to investigate project financing options including a review of governmental R&D funding assistance. This is especially possible where we can assist on the development of patents and IP.

“Fail fast”

Whether the project calls for a Prototype or a simulation using 3D CAD it’s important that the project fails and/or succeeds quickly. When verifying complex systems, we often employ the use of advanced algorithms and our Test Bench which can quickly and accurately test the systems many duty cycles. This is particularly important in the implementation of our EV Drivetrain integration projects as there is a significant investment in the final product that needs to work the first time.

“Adapt Faster...”

Quick hand-over of the findings or the prototype so our customer can make their own assessment of the projects viability with real testing. We assist our clients during the testing phase and can also provide Data acquisition services.We will follow through with Training, Service and Support and provide project insurances and warranty on anything we have developed.