Failure Analysis & Testing


MEDATech Engineering can assist you in bringing your theories to life.  . Our team has extensive experience in structural (statically and dynamically loaded) analysis, power transmission system analysis, hydraulic system analysis, vibration analysis and system kinematics. 

Our analysis skills and capabilities include:

While our company has superb analytical skills and tools, we strongly believe in testing validation. Our process of developing a theoretical model, then testing to validate our approach, ultimately leads to the most efficient design.


As MEDATech Engineering grows, we continue to develop our arsenal of analytical tools to mathematically simulate loads, forces, strains, pressures, flows and more.  Our additional portfolio of test equipment and data acquisition tools further enhances our ability to substantiate the results of the mathematical models we develop for our clients.

Our firm currently owns a 60 channel data acquisition system that can sample data at over 1000 samples per second. This system is used for strain gaging as well as load cell measurement, vibration analysis and other data acquisition requirements.  In addition, the MEDATech team has extensive experience in relating computed stress, kinematics and vibration analysis results with actual in field test results.  We firmly believe that this is a critical element for design optimization.

Stress Plot Here a stress plot of a cab analysis for roll over protection certification is shown. 
Load Application The load application curve is shown here showing the load being applied against time.
Deflection Plot The deflection plot associated with the applicable stress and load is critical to determine the amount of deflection allowable.