Our Team


Robert Rennie, P.Eng


Robert Rennie is President of MEDATECH and is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Rob holds over 30 years of experience in the project management field, and is a seasoned professional in the area of specialty equipment design and building.  He also holds over 20 years of experience in advanced finite element analysis.

Rob has worked for, and with, some of the largest Canadian mining equipment manufacturing companies, including Cubex Limited in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and for global firms including Atlas Copco, Caterpillar Inc and Sandivik Mining. He spent 11 years at MacLean Engineering and Marketing Company Limited, where he acted as the Head of Engineering for 8 years and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an additional 3 years. In 2003, Rob started MEDATECH and has continued extensive work throughout North America for equipment users and manufacturers alike.

David Francis Lyon, P. Eng

d.lyon@medatech.ca | Linkedin | Tel. 705-888-3913

Business Development / Mechanical Engineer

David is a licensed professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. David specializes in custom heavy equipment solutions for the Mining and Construction Industries. His experience includes 8 years working as a Mechanical Designer, Field Service Engineer, and as a Technical Salesman.

David's core strengths as a Adviser and Engineer were developed from years of hands-on project experience. He believes that field exposure is necessary to properly develop the engineers of the future. "It allows us to witness first hand a projects success/or sometimes failure and helps develop valuable insight into the end users needs". This has been his mantra since he began his career and has been a guiding principal for his development and management strategy. "Be there to deliver on your promise". 

John Arnold

General Manager

John is a technically minded individual with a diverse background in systems and people management. He came to MEDATECH after over 20 years managing the production and MRP systems at a large Canadian manufacturer. He is responsible for the production of specialty equipment at MEDATECH and manages our quality and safety systems. John wears another hat for MEDATECH as a Project Manager when a project requires the management of significant detail and/or labour.

Andrew Severs, P. Eng

a.severs@medatech.ca | Linkedin | Tel. 705-443-8440 ex. 257

Engineering Manager

Andrew is a licensed professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University. Since graduation in 2010, he has specialized in new and custom engineered products in the heavy equipment industry.

Andrew believes strongly in education, learning by doing, and using the right tool for the job. As such he takes pride in continual training and research, and strives to have an understanding of the technical tools and software available to improve MEDATech's quality of work and design processes. He feels that there is something to be learned from every situation. He also is a proponent of outreach, and the responsibility a successful company has to give back to a community.

Andrew pairs practised skills in conceptual design and engineering with an ability to break problems down into manageable pieces to produce results. "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". He finds that he has his best design ideas in the shower or while driving to work.

Mark Seeber

Senior Technical Advisor

Mark spent 17 years with Maclean Engineering in engineering design and management and often traveled the world troubleshooting and training related to underground roof bolting and remote controlled ore flow conditioning machines.  He brings to the table not only a considerable passion and understanding of heavy mobile machinery but also a good understanding of mining and construction and an inquisitive world view of its peoples and cultures.

In 2005, Mark left Maclean Engineering to become a partner in MEDATECH. Together with Robert Rennie who started the company in 2003, Mark quickly became engaged in various technical challenges across a wide array of heavy machinery industries including surface mining, heavy construction, heavy transport, rail, and power generation. Mark’s world view of machinery broadened and he became exposed to how different industries performed operational tasks and the technical aspects of the machinery.  His years in heavy machinery and exposure to numerous industries has then allowed him to provide key design input into more efficient ways to tackle existing tasks or conversely conceiving innovative methods of approaching evolving industry paradigms.