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Haul Truck Powertrain

Current 40 Tonne haul trucks are powered by ~450hp Diesel engines and even the cleanest Tier 4 Engines still require up to +18,000CFM of ventilation to operate a single machine underground. These trucks are the largest equipment consumers of air underground so an electrified truck would have the single greatest impact on reducing mine ventilation demand underground.

Battery Electric Equipment allows a mine to unlock a trifecta of benefits: improved health and safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and decreased operating costs. Removing emissions from even a few metres, never mind kilometres, below the ground requires massive ventilation infrastructure—shafts, equipment, and enormous amounts of electricity to run the machinery.

“Moving away from diesel and by achieving other reductions associated with the use of clean technologies, (a typical mine) can avoid more than 7,500 tons of CO2 and eliminate 3 million litres of diesel fuel, 1 million litres of propane and 35,000 megawatt hours of electricity every year.”


The general concept of our technology is that a single charging station be provided at the tip (unloading point) with the ability to charge the entire battery bank of the 40 tonne truck in the time it takes to dump the ore.

Our invention includes a battery with increased energy density and a smart battery management system which is capable of accepting an extremely high charge power. The battery bank is then sized (with some contingency) to do one round trip from the loading point to the unloading point. The machine then receives a full charge while unloading and continues the cycle repeatedly without any significant impact on the overall duty cycle of the machine.

The capacity, and therefore the size and weight, of the battery of the haul truck is reduced or minimized while still providing for increased or maximized useful operating time. In addition, charge time is drastically reduced and it can be further optimised when the battery management system accounts for regenerative braking on inclined sections of tunnel, load indications, and other data.

The technology is available to any OEM who is seeking a Battery alternative for their Hauling equipment.

Haulage opportunity charging - 40 tonne haul truck


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