About Medatech

We have been designing and building custom mobile heavy equipment since 2003. Our clients are in the Mining, Construction, Waste, Transportation, and Energy sectors all over the world. The one thing they all want is machines that are more efficient, safe, durable, precise and environmentally friendly. So that’s what we deliver.

MEDATech has three divisions:

Engineering services – from consulting to engineer/design/build to industrial software development

ALTDRIVE – all-electric powertrains

BORTERRA – advanced drilling equipment

The people on our team are not just engineers. They have worked in mines and in other industries where they operated the kinds of heavy equipment that we build. Which is quite different from sitting behind a desk and building something for an environment you know very little about. This has allowed us to become expert in building great machines, and in consulting on the solutions you need.

We deliver quality work, targeted results and the solutions you want, for fair value. Our timelines are reasonable. And we hire the best, because they make us who we are. Since we design and build custom equipment, which requires high degrees of innovation and problem-solving, we attract talented people who would get bored working elsewhere. Not here!


We endeavour to become thought leaders and our partners’ first point of reference for Powertrain, Hydraulics and Controls System Engineering.


Our journey is shaped by innovation, value, collaboration, and sustainability.


Innovation forms the bedrock of our corporate foundation. We strongly believe that clients can be best served only through innovation-led processes, products and services.


A value-driven ideology motivates us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We want to create real outcomes, real value, in everything we do.


Collaboration is what keeps us going. We treat all our suppliers, clients and colleagues as our partners.


Sustainability informs our conduct. We consciously keep our corporate philosophy aligned with the core principle of sustainability.


Health and safety are paramount at MEDATech, both that of our team and for our customers. We build machines that up the ante on safety in the workplace.


We treat others as well as we expect to be treated. That includes our team, our customers, our suppliers and colleagues. Being honest, forthright and considerate is the key to longstanding relationships, which is vital to success in business.

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9 Am - 5 PM

Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED

Phone: +1 (705) 443-8440

[email protected]

Collingwood ON., Canada

Ocala FL., USA