Hybrid Drive Feasibility Study, GEN 4 Transporter

A picture of 2 OPG new dry storage container (DSC) transporters that leveraged MEDATech's electric vehicle powertrain design services


Hybrid Drive Feasibility Study, GEN 4 Transporter

Customer: Ontario Power Generation

A close up picture of a GEN 4 Transporter leveraged MEDATech's electric vehicle powertrain design services

About The Project

Driven by the desire to embrace the latest in Electric Propulsion technology, OPG wanted to assess the feasibility of Hybrid Drive’s integration into its operation. OPG’s existing fleet consisted of LT, TOR and Hammant transporters which utilized diesel engines and hydrostatic drives and being mindful of the emission concerns and emission regulations, OPG was planning to acquire two new dry storage container (DSC) transporters. OPG approached MEDATECH to suggest the way forward. MEDATECH conducted a feasibility study and explored possible pathways for the development of future transporter Design Requirements and Technical Specifications.


  • OPG being a responsible nuclear operator wanted a strategy to comply with the emission regulations and curtail noise pollution.
  • The transporter fleet was required to spend time inside OPG’s Irradiated Fuel Bay (IFB) and Used Fuel Dry Storage Facility (UFDSF) which was plagued due to the exhaust emission concerns. Many of the diesel engines had to be decommissioned and phased out due to the stricter emission regulations.
  • MEDATECH had to suggest designs and outline the technical specifications which would balance the Tier 4 emission standards and the expected service life of the transporter fleet.  Such suggestions assumed even more importance as limiting engine exhaust and noise emissions was a considerable operating concern going forward, especially for operations inside the IFBs and UFDSFs.


  • MEDATECH studied in detail the main hybrid system designs namely series and parallel and provided an in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two designs.
  • OPG was given a detailed understanding of the cell chemistry and a purpose specific comparison chart of the available variants such as Lead, Ni-MH, NaNiCl (Zebra) and Lithium-Ion was drawn. Such exhaustive analysis gave OPG a thorough understanding of different parameters like energy density, cycle life, self discharge, recharge time, availability, price and safety.
  • MEDATECH investigated the power electronics/electric motor which is one of the vital components of the hybrid drive system and steered OPG towards right selection of power electronics/electric motor providers.

Services Provided:


  • MEDATECH’s detailed analysis of the hybrid drive system enabled OPG to consider alternative transporter propulsion solutions while acquiring two transporters of a new design.
  • The GEN 4 Transporter which was acquired because of MEDATECH’s recommendation paved the way for OPG to stay ahead of the stricter emission standards.
  • OPG became the pioneers in embracing such technology much suitable for nuclear industry and this was the first step towards ensuring a green future.

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