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Media Luna “Muckahi” Feasibility

An overhead picture of the Media Luna site discovered in March of 2012


Media Luna “Muckahi” Feasibility

Customer: Torex Gold

About The Project

The “Muckahi” process, conceptualized and patented by Fred Stanford, President & CEO of Torex theoretically revolutionizes steep incline methods of mineral extractions. After stumbling with some other more industrial focused engineering firms Mr. Stanford approached MEDATECH to take his “Muckahi” methods and develop the necessary equipment to make his process work.

“The concept for recovery of the Media Luna resource is through underground mining methods at 7,000 t/d with the mineralized material being transported via a hybrid underground/aerial/underground rope conveyor to the ELG processing plant. Processing to produce both a Copper/Gold/Silver concentrate as well as dore bars would be completed using the existing plant and through a circuit to be added for flotation and concentrate handling. Tailings required for paste backfill would be transported back to the underground mine utilizing the same rope conveyor that transported the mineralized material to the processing facility.”

More about Torex Gold here.


Robert Rennie and his teams years of experience in equipment design enabled us to truly seek out and eliminate the bottlenecks in the Muckahi process. They built on existing technologies and focused their energy on the improvements that really built value for the Media Luna Project.

Fred Stanford, President & CEO Torex Gold 

Services Provided:


  • Overhead rails provide an efficient and cost effective means of moving people, mining devices, and ore out of a steep underground mine.
  • Modified machinery allows for increased production rates and less handling (moving towards continuous production methods).
  • Torex finding big wins in NPV and IRR with the newly developed “Muckahi” process.

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