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The full range of heavy-equipment engineering services

MEDATech Engineering designs, builds and delivers customized heavy-duty mobile equipment. Approximately half of our business centres on Engineering Services, from project consulting to equipment design and development, controls system development, telematics and robotics. Whether you need a solid design or a finished piece of equipment, MEDATech is well-known for its ability to design, build and deliver in-house.

Engineering consulting

Many great solutions begin with the question ‘What if?’. MEDATech has a long history of answering that question through consulting and feasibility studies.

Whether your ‘what if’ centres on energy and process management, fleet improvements or productivity metrics, we can help you to get the answer you need to move in the right direction. Read about our Vehicle & Fleet Electrification Feasibility Studies, or find out more about our broader Engineering Consulting & Feasibility capabilities.

Equipment design & development

When it comes to designing and building an entire vehicle, you need a high level of coherence across systems in development. That can only be achieved if the entire vehicle is built by one team, which is what we do at MEDATech every day. Most design firms will outsource discreet parts of the build, but from what we’ve seen that’s a recipe for a machine that is never quite right.

Building a complete machine that works the way you want it to takes deep expertise across mechanical, fluid, electrical and control systems. We combine this knowhow with advanced technologies and best practices. We build a lot of control-systems and other software, develop vehicle telematics capabilities, and always meet or exceed safety regulations. Find out more about our equipment design & development capabilities. 

Controls system development

MEDATech undertakes a broad range of control system design and development, including CanBus, GPS, Automation, PLC, GUI development and much more. Because we design for our clients’ express needs, we are able to develop industry-leading systems and upgrade existing systems.

Robotics & material handling

MEDATech has developed a range of automated systems and machines to help with tasks such as moving and stacking objects, inserting and extracting rod and casing on drill rigs (RodBot™), and handling spent nuclear fuel containers. We use automation and robotics to save clients time, increase safety, and reduce human error. Find out more.


  • Major Drilling joins forces with MEDATech on RodBot™ Robotic Rod Handler

    ‘Better workplace safety’ has gradually become the mantra of businesses around the world and safety istop of mind for Major Drilling, one of the world’s largest drilling services companies primarily serving themining industry. “Rod handling is the part of drilling historically most prone to accidents,” observes Marc Landry, VPTechnology & Logistics. “Major Drilling is committed…

  • How Do You Know You’re Choosing The Right Electric Vehicle?

    The science behind EV fleet planning Industrial battery-electric vehicles work as hard or harder than diesel versions, with clear environmental and health benefits. You want financial benefits too, but how can you be sure you’re making the right choices?  Is your chosen vehicle really suitable for the work? Can it capture all the battery regeneration…

  • Don MacLean: the passing of a legend

    Don “Ducky” MacLean made ‘MacLean Engineering’ a name brand in the mining industry, worldwide. Unfortunately for all of us, we lost Don last Thursday. Over 50 years ago, Ducky had a vision: to make underground equipment for mining that would provide a safer environment for miners. Through Don’s capability to innovate, MacLean made mining safer.…

  • Battery-electric drivetrain kits hit the market

    Building an industrial battery-electric vehicle (BEV) just got a whole lot easier. MEDATech ALTDRIVE isnow offering complete BEV powertrains kits that fit existing engine compartments. They come in 140kW, 360 kW and 720 kW sizes, suitable for machines as small as a backhoe and as large as a mining haultruck. These kits are fully customizable…


  • An overhead picture of the Media Luna site discovered in March of 2012

    Media Luna “Muckahi” Feasibility

    The “Muckahi” process, conceptualized and patented by Fred Stanford, President & CEO of Torex theoretically revolutionizes steep incline methods of mineral extractions….

  • A picture of a man working with the Micro Bolter.

    Camiro Micro Bolter

    The mining industry has an enviable record of overcoming engineering challenges, but one challenge that has baffled equipment designers and engineers until now…

  • A rendering of the Andritz Stator Jacking System that required MEDATech's hydraulic system design services

    Hydro Dam – Stator Jacking Towers

    Andritz Hydro was commissioned by Ontario Power Generation to provide several new hydro turbines for the Lower Matagami and Lower Notch powerstation projects.

  • A picture of the LT Transporter that MEDATech preformed an assessment on.

    OPG Waste Haulage Fleet Management

    Ontario Power Generation contracted MEDATECH to make major repairs to a recently commissioned nuclear waste transporter….

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