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Mark spent 17 years with Maclean Engineering in engineering design and management and often traveled the world troubleshooting and training related to underground roof bolting and remote controlled ore flow conditioning machines. He brings to the table not only a considerable passion and understanding of heavy mobile machinery but also a good understanding of mining and construction and an inquisitive world view of its peoples and cultures.

In 2005, Mark left Maclean Engineering to become a partner in MEDATECH. Together with Robert Rennie who started the company in 2003, Mark quickly became engaged in various technical challenges across a wide array of heavy machinery industries including surface mining, heavy construction, heavy transport, rail, and power generation. Mark’s world view of machinery broadened and he became exposed to how different industries performed operational tasks and the technical aspects of the machinery. His years in heavy machinery and exposure to numerous industries has then allowed him to provide key design input into more efficient ways to tackle existing tasks or conversely conceiving innovative methods of approaching evolving industry paradigms.

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