Heavy Equipment Prototyping


Is a change in scope required, or will sticking to the status quo suffice? Is the project moving forward within the allocated budget? Design and engineering services form a substantial part of heavy equipment prototyping and hence we believe these need to be impeccable.

Many times, the need for reverse engineering occurs to ensure that proper design and engineering practices can take place moving forward. The entire project cycle may fail if assembling and commissioning of the prototype equipment does not meet the expected specifications. Finding a continuous and proactive resolution to issues is often challenging.


Scope development: We identify the underlying core issues and enable you to develop a well defined scope in a cost effective manner. Being mindful of all the variables, the project scope and deliverables are carefully laid out. We are agile enough to recognize the problem areas and quickly address them through a well thought out design approach.

Customer centric: We ensure that you are kept abreast of all developments that happen during the equipment design process. We re-define scope if needed without having any impact on the ongoing work. We ensure that cost effectiveness is attained by keeping you involved in the design process.

Design and Engineering Services: Our clients vouch for our expertise in Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Control Systems Engineering. Using our team’s proficiency in Parametric 3D modeling and design, Mechanical Engineering and Finite Element Analysis, Electrical Engineering, Systems Architecture Design, and Control Systems Engineering – Electrical as well as Hydraulic; we are able to achieve flawless service delivery.

Reverse engineering services: Many times, we have to do reverse engineering and suggest innovative designs, based on information that we receive. We have expertise in 3-D scanning using Faro Arm Laser Scanner for mechanical reverse engineering and component placement. We also have the capabilities to reverse engineer entire control systems to remove existing control systems and implement our own if required.

Machine assembly, testing, troubleshooting and on-site support: Our partnership extends to assembling and installing of prototype equipment for a smooth transition of the equipment from the prototype stage to the production stage. We give continuous support by providing resolution to the problems identified during the testing phase. We take pride in our on-site support and derive satisfaction from the fact that we were involved and we contributed towards the first production unit on your site.

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