What’s new at CIM Vancouver 2022?

What Are the Hottest Topics in Mining? 

Vehicle electrification. Mine fleet optimization. Hybrid drilling technology.
And a whole lot more.

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Innovative Design &

  • Engineering Consulting & Feasibility
  • Industrial Software Development
  • Engineering, Design and Testing
  • Heavy Equipment Prototyping

Powertrain Solutions

  • Complete BEV Powertrain Solutions
  • Battery Thermal Management Units
  • Mine Fleet Feasibility Studies
  • Electric Vehicle Fleet Optimization Software

Customized Drilling

  • Hybrid Rigs Combining Drilling Technologies
  • Real-Time Drill Data Collection
  • RodbotTM Robotic Rod-Handling
  • WaterBoxTM High-Pressure Water Pumps

What’s New?

Mine fleet optimization »

It’s the product of a multi-year collaboration between MEDATech Engineering and McMaster University’s Bauman Lab for Electrified Powertrain Research. MEDATech EV-FOS software enables you to build a mine electrification plan that’s both optimal and practical, based on technology that’s available today.

What’s New?

Vehicle electrification feasibility studies »

We have calculated vehicle electrification feasibility for companies like Teck Resources, Newmont, Vale and Anglo American. Our feasibility studies provide a clear understanding of cost in $/tonne of production, proper fleet size to meet productivity goals, energy costs, CO2 footprint improvements and much more.

What’s New?

Hybrid drilling and robotic rod handling »

The WS6000 drill rig combines 2 drilling technologies (Water Hammer/Sonic) with robotic rod handling and real time drill data transmission. It’s cut production time by +50% for Southern Co. and it’s just one example of the tech-forward drilling solutions of which MEDATech Borterra is capable.

What else are we doing?

A whole heck of a lot. Find out more!

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