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MEDATECH to supply innovative drilling system for rehabilitation of aging dam infrastructure

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January 14th, 2019: MEDATECH is excited to announce that they have agreed to terms for the supply of an innovative drilling system. The system will be used for rehabilitation of aging dam infrastructure in the southern United States.

The customer has been conducting extensive on-site assessment of their existing drilling systems for dam rehabilitation. With recent changes on the OEM landscape, they found that it would be difficult to upgrade the performance of their existing machines to suit the current needs of their operations. Furthermore, simply upgrading their machines wouldn’t allow for the adaptation of some significant advances in technology which could prove to be a superior production solution. As a result, a new purpose built dam rehabilitation drill was proposed. In response to the customers request for quotation, MEDATECH will be supplying a new Borterra W6000 drill. The MEDATECH solution incorporates both water hammer and sonic drilling technology enabling a vastly improved system for the rehabilitation of aging dam infrastructure.

Additional details of the Borterra W6000 will be posted on our project page as they become available.

“This project is combining our groups 100+ years of drilling technology experience into a single platform. We believe that the flexibility and the accuracy of the Borterra W6000 is unmatched in industry and will be a game changer for customers looking for a faster, more environmentally friendly solution.” – Steven Archer

About Borterra – MEDATECH’s Drilling Division, Borterra,  designs “fit for purpose” specialized drilling systems on a project by project basis. This equipment is custom built according to customer requirements and local conditions. Borterra helps clients solve specific problems by integrating technology into specific drilling platforms. As an example, the integration of steerable tooling to a fluid powered drilling system is just a sample of some of the technology that Borterra is breaking new ground on. Our focus is long straight holes with no environmental impact.

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