As of January 2021, The Borterra RodBot™ is being used as part of a hybrid water hammer/sonic drill rig for embankment dam drilling in Alabama.

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Built to load/unload drill rod and casing

Introducing hydraulic robotic rod handling. The Borterra RodBot™ can be adapted for virtually any piece of drilling equipment.

RodBot eliminates manual rod handling, a leading cause of on-the-job injury, and greatly accelerates production times.

Borterra has been developing unique drilling solutions for over 10 years. You’ll find our drill rigs and associated equipment in mining, construction, oil & gas and other drilling applications across North America.

Safety meets productivity


RodBot handles 20-foot sections of pipe, quickly. Set the drill rod position once, then hit ‘repeat’. Just one operator is required.

Switch between 3 modes:

  1. Full manual control
  2. Tip control: computer-assisted manual control
  3. Semi-automatic control: RodBot™ moves along a path set by the operator


RodBot eliminates hand-bombing entirely, keeping workers out of harm’s way.


RodBot makes both new and existing equipment highly efficient. Choose from wired or wireless controls. Borterra can supply electric/electronic customization and integration, as required.

A true partner

Borterra develops, services and upgrades the drilling solutions our customers need. Want a partner for life? That’s our goal.

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Mechanical Specifications (RodBot™)

  • Weight = 5,600 Lbs (2,540 Kg) [payload and mounting base excluded]
  • Max height (above mounting base) = 15 ft (5 m) • Min height (below mounting base) = 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Max radial reach = 15 ft (5 m)
  • Max payload = 800 Lbs (360 Kg)
  • Arm base rotation = up to 330°
  • Pipe clamp rotation = up to 330°
  • Pipe diameter range = 3.5–7.0” (standard) other ranges available upon request
  • Arm has 5 degrees of freedom
  • Mounting base dimensions = 36” x 36” (custom mounting available)
  • Option #1: Borterra supplies an engineered mounting solution to meet your needs
  • Option #2: Borterra supplies required information for customer to mount it themselves

Hydraulic/Electric Requirements (RodBot™)

  • Hydraulic pressure = 3,500 PSI (240 bar) [max]
  • Hydraulic flow = 35 gpm (132 l/min) [max]
  • Hydraulic Input Power = 40 – 75 Hp (30 – 55 kW)
  • 12 or 24V Control System
  • Option #1: Borterra supplies a dedicated hydraulic powerpack (diesel, gas or electric).
  • Option #2: Borterra helps integrate the existing hydraulic system
  • Option #3: Borterra supplies required information for the customer to do their own

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