Introducing rodbot:
HANDS-FREE rod handling.

As of January 2021, The Borterra RodBot™ is being used as part of a hybrid water hammer/sonic drill rig for embankment dam drilling in Alabama.

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  • Reduce manual rod handling by over 90%
  • Keep workers safe from injury


  • Handles 20-foot sections of rod, casing, or rod-in-casing
  • Set the angle once, then hit ‘repeat’

Three Operation Modes

Full manual control mode

The operator has manual control of each moving element of the arm.

“Tip Control” mode

Computer assistance allows the operator to control the arm moving the drill pipe in a linear motion. Single-axis input on the joysticks translates to the pipe moving in a straight line either vertically or horizontally out from the arm base.

Semi-auto mode

The RodBot™ moves along a path determined by the operator and/or automatically adapted to the current mast position. The operator has hands-on control of the motion direction and start/stop along the path as a safety measure.

Download The RodBot Product Brochure

Two Operator Control Interfaces

Wired Control

A 2-joystick wired pendant. Typically hard mounted beside the existing drill controls.

Wireless Control

2-joystick radio remote. Typically supplied with shoulder harness and quick disconnect, hard-mount bracket. 

Both operator control options have the same functionality and features. Borterra can supply electric/electronic customization and integration if required.

Mechanical Specifications (RodBot™)

  • Weight = 5,600 Lbs (2,540 Kg) [payload and mounting base excluded]
  • Max height (above mounting base) = 15 ft (5 m) • Min height (below mounting base) = 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Max radial reach = 15 ft (5 m)
  • Max payload = 800 Lbs (360 Kg)
  • Arm base rotation = up to 330°
  • Pipe clamp rotation = up to 330°
  • Pipe diameter range = 3.5–7.0” (standard) other ranges available upon request
  • Arm has 5 degrees of freedom
  • Mounting base dimensions = 36” x 36” (custom mounting available)
  • Option #1: Borterra supplies an engineered mounting solution to meet your needs
  • Option #2: Borterra supplies required information for customer to mount it themselves

Hydraulic/Electric Requirements (RodBot™)

  • Hydraulic pressure = 3,500 PSI (240 bar) [max]
  • Hydraulic flow = 35 gpm (132 l/min) [max]
  • Hydraulic Input Power = 40 – 75 Hp (30 – 55 kW)
  • 12 or 24V Control System
  • Option #1: Borterra supplies a dedicated hydraulic powerpack (diesel, gas or electric).
  • Option #2: Borterra helps integrate the existing hydraulic system
  • Option #3: Borterra supplies required information for the customer to do their own

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