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Failure Analysis & Stress Modelling

Failure Analysis & Stress Modelling

Proper modelling. Zero failures.

Why is failure analysis important?

Can a given structure withstand a particular load in all possible situations? Is it wise to invest in a design unless it has been thoroughly tested? How will a change in materials impact design? 

As a manufacturer of specialty heavy-duty mobile equipment, MEDATech gets questions like these all the time. Know that your concerns are our concerns: return on investment, perception of your brand and ours, and overall end-user safety are always top-of-mind.

3D modelling engineering and design services

Determining proper load cases and scenario analysis

Our years of experience enable us to design structures and mechanisms that can withstand high loads or cyclic loading. The foundation for that is a proper understanding of the physics related to loading in all use cases. Our expertise in understanding load paths, as well as ensuring that all structures’ or mechanisms’ usage is fully understood by our customers, are key to developing products that can withstand the rigour of harsh environments.

Developing stress models that suit material strength

We develop mathematical models to understand design stresses. We do this through standard engineering hand calculations, as well as computer simulation. We use innovative engineering tools and software such as Ansys Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP) for composite design, and MATLAB Simulink for one-dimensional systems design. These tools help us to accurately determine design stresses and deflections, and to determine complex system parameters.

Material strength and strength-to-weight ratios are big factors in MEDATech design. With our intimate knowledge of the properties of many different materials and the way they respond to fatigue and welding, we create designs using the best materials for the job: different grades of steel, aluminum or composite materials.

Stress-model validation

When it comes to strain gauge testing, we are experts. We perform testing in a controlled environment either in-house or in the field. We have had success in correlating FEA results to strain gauge testing on many different occasions, under varying circumstances. Our competence in computational stress analysis enables us to turn around designs quickly, with a very high degree of confidence.

Continuous improvement through failure analysis

Failure analysis is important to what MEDATech does for another reason: because we need to determine the root causes for the failure of components, whether mechanical, hydraulic or electrical. The reason we need to determine root causes is to safeguard against future failures and thereby improve the reliability of the mobile heavy-duty equipment that we build. We do this either by avoiding the same combination of conditions that engendered failure, redesigning or by choosing a different component that is more robust or reliable. 

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Failure Analysis

MEDATech always conducts failure analysis after a failure, but this only happens very rarely—less than once per year. We need to determine whether the failure is a result of fatigue, sudden impact, overloading, or another situation. Whatever the case, we want to evolve our design or our components in order to avoid repeating a failure. At the end of the day, you want reliability and so do we. 



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