Failure Analysis & Testing Analysis


Can the structure withstand a particular load in a given situation? Is it wise to invest in a design unless it has been tested to my complete satisfaction? How will the change in material impact my design? Many similar questions keep most of our clients puzzled. Return on investment, brand perception and overall safety of the end users are the three most vital considerations for any equipment manufacturer.    


Determining Proper Load Cases and Scenario Analysis: It is important to have a proper understanding of the physics related to loading in usable situations. Our years of experience enable us to design a structure or mechanism which can withstand high loads, or cyclic loading. Our expertise in understanding load paths, as well as ensuring that all structures’ or mechanisms’ usage is fully understood, is a key to all our client’s success in developing products that can withstand the rigour of harsh environments.

Developing Stress Models Suiting Material Strength: We develop mathematical models to understand the design stresses by using standard engineering hand calculations or computer simulation. We use innovative engineering tools and software such as Ansys FEA / Ansys ACP for composite design, and Matlab/Simulink for one-dimensional systems design to accurately determine design stresses and deflections, or determine complex system parameters, respectively.

Use of Different Materials: With our expert understanding of the properties of many different materials and the way they respond to fatigue and welding, we are capable to design and determine design stresses on a variety of different materials, including Steel, Aluminum and composite materials. 

Validation of Stress Models: We are experts when it comes to strain gauge testing, and we have full capability to perform this testing in a controlled environment in-house, or in the field. We have had success in correlating FEA results to strain gauge testing on many different occasions under varying circumstances. Because of our confidence in our computational stress analysis technique, we can assure you that you will get designs within a quick turnaround time in an efficient manner.

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