Electric & Hybrid Powertrain Design


The success of any Electric Vehicle depends largely on the verified integration of three core elements; its battery, motor, and its high voltage power electronics. Battery electric applications that demand more distance, increased power, and longer life require a suite of technologies and experience in their implementation to deliver on all these promises.

The biggest challenge of any original equipment manufacturers is effective and timely adoption of the technology.


Design and Engineering Services: We leverage our expertise in Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Control Systems Engineering to effectively cater to all your needs. Using our team’s excellence in Electric and Hybrid Powertrain systems architecture design and Control Systems Engineering; we can provide flawless service delivery.

The ALTDRIVE System: Much of the technology for electric vehicles is still in its infancy so it’s important that you choose your product partners wisely. Much of the products are still in a testing phase and many times they fail to meet relevant State and Country specific regulations. With us, you will be ensured of original product line developed using certified and tested equipment with thousands of hours of bench and field testing.

Visit the ALTDRIVE page here to learn more about our product line.

Turnkey Integration: Borrowing from years of experience deploying a certified 100% battery electric or hybrid powertrain system (namely, the ALTDRIVE system) we can quickly develop, prototype and commission your new product turnkey in house. Using our already established partnerships and supply chain you can leverage our pre-defined software solutions for the fastest to market deployment of your new heavy equipment powertrain.

Assisted Integration: If you have a pre-defined supply chain or are looking to simply integrate our ALTDRIVE system we can provide all the needed documentation and engineering support to assist your engineering department. This allows your team to maintain their competencies in application specific knowledge while allowing ours to complement them in the deployment of the modern technologies.

Electric and Hybrid Retrofits: Whether you are an end-user or OEM and have an existing equipment chassis (new or used) we can integrate the ALTDRIVE system as a retrofit. Although originally configured for heavy equipment the system can largely be adapted to any industrial application. Retrofits can offer a lower cost alternative when developing your first prototype before serial production.


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