OPG Waste Haulage Fleet Management

A picture of the LT Transporter that MEDATech preformed an assessment on.


OPG Waste Haulage Fleet Management

Customer: Ontario Power Generation

About The Project

OPG approached MEDATECH with a mandate to assess, develop, recommend and implement plans to improve transporter fleet operation through defect elimination, condition monitoring, and preventive maintenance. The transporter fleet comprised of LT series, TOR variant and Hammant Transporter deployed across OPG’s facilities at Western, Darlington and Pickering. Acting as OPG’s design consultants, MEDATECH ensured that OPG’s transporter fleet meets the nuclear industry’s standards and the fleet is made fully functional to the optimum capacity. MEDATECH further developed a standardized maintenance plan for reliable lifecycle while minimizing downtime.  


  • The Hammant transporter needed a discreet assessment. MEDATECH’s observations would be critical to OPG’s decision on the future of the Hammant transporter.
  • The LT Transporter series and the TOR variant were underperforming and hence, these required an urgent inspection. There were many critical deficiencies; system failure, hydraulic defects, CANBUS communication issues, control problems, design errors to name a few.
  • To avoid recurrence of such operational issues in future, MEDATECH was tasked to come up with a robust maintenance plan which would make the entire operation free of any hassles and keep the process cost efficient.


  • MEDATECH conducted a thorough assessment and prepared a health report with valuable observations and vital recommendations for OPG.
  • MEDATECH proposed a comprehensive lifecycle management plan which took into account all major details covering preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, defect elimination, supports of all kind namely spare part, service and technical; fleet coordination and a well designed evaluation matrix.  
  • Refurbishment plan was accompanied by a forward looking maintenance plan which considered the fast changing dynamics and high standards of the nuclear industry.

Services Provided:


  • OPG decommissioned the Hammant transporter based on MEDATECH’s recommendation.
  • MEDATECH suggested requirements to support safe and reliable system performance while maintaining the transporter fleet in a productive and cost-effective manner as the equipment ages.   
  • MEDATECH was successful in addressing OPG’s concerns about the operational safety, reliability and cost and technical specification for all future procurements.   
  • Since 2005, MEDATECH continues to provide its expertise on this project.

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