WS6000 Drill Rig

Customer:   Southern Company - USA

About The Project

Dubbed the WS6000, the track-mounted drill rig capable of drilling 7-inch nominal diameter holes, is the first hybrid drill rig that incorporates both high pressure water down-the-hole (DTH) and sonic drilling technologies.

“It’s an exciting breakthrough,” says MEDATech Engineering President Robert Rennie. “The rig is equipped with one top-drive unit capable of both sonic and high pressure water drilling. Switching between the two is a seamless process.”

The rig is capable of delivering very granular geotechnical data in real time anywhere on the globe. An additional feature is a fully autonomous rod-handling system that can move both casing and rods separately or as one in and out of the mast. “This provides a much greater degree of safety,” notes Manning, “than we see anywhere in the industry today.”

Download the WS6000 Product Brochure.

WS6000 Sonic and Wassara Water Hammer Drill Rig
WS6000 Drill Rig (Sonic and Water Hammer Hybrid)


  • Storing 700′ of casing and drill pipe.
  • Loading 20′ casing and drill rods
  • Multi-axis drilling
  • Self Contained
  • Operator Comfort and Visibility second to none.
  • Production drilling and core sampling capable.



Operator comfort in state-of-the art cab.

RodBot pipe handler robotic arm.

Onboard Rod and Casing storage (20′ lengths).

Production drilling and core sampling capable.

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