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Industrial Software Development


Software is an important core competency of control system design. MEDATech Engineering takes great care in defining software structure through proper documentation procedures. Applicable software standards are used in every development project to ensure the safest and most reliable robust software possible for each and every project.


Advanced Monitoring

In todays world nothing is more important than real time data. We have produced advanced monitoring tools and software which allows us to pull important information from heavy equipment in the field.

MATLAB Simulink

MATLAB is a powerful tool for simulation, data acquisition and Software Development. The tools provided in Simulink allow the users to quickly simulate a systems architecture and will quickly generate code from the design. We have created custom Simulink Blocks which are used specifically for the development of Industrial equipment software development which drastically shortens your development time.

HMI Development

We have experience designing graphical interfaces with some of the most advanced electronics availble for mobile heavy equipment. All interfaces that we co-develop with our customers should include documentation to their use and service. We have worked with virtually all major manufacturers and can easily support your HMI Development Needs.

VMU Software Development

We use an open source "Vehicle Management Unit" and have developed software for various Heavy Equipment applications. Our Engineers carefully consider your software needs and can tailor the VMU to your product application.



How Do You Know You’re Choosing The Right Electric Vehicle?

By Tyler Duprey | March 2, 2024

The science behind EV fleet planning Industrial battery-electric vehicles work as hard or harder than diesel versions, with clear environmental and health benefits. You want financial benefits too, but how can you be sure you’re making the right choices?  Is your chosen vehicle really suitable for the work? Can it capture all the battery regeneration … Read more

Don MacLean: the passing of a legend

By Tyler Duprey | January 16, 2024

Don “Ducky” MacLean made ‘MacLean Engineering’ a name brand in the mining industry, worldwide. Unfortunately for all of us, we lost Don last Thursday. Over 50 years ago, Ducky had a vision: to make underground equipment for mining that would provide a safer environment for miners. Through Don’s capability to innovate, MacLean made mining safer. … Read more

Battery-electric drivetrain kits hit the market

By Tyler Duprey | September 14, 2023

Building an industrial battery-electric vehicle (BEV) just got a whole lot easier. MEDATech ALTDRIVE isnow offering complete BEV powertrains kits that fit existing engine compartments. They come in 140kW, 360 kW and 720 kW sizes, suitable for machines as small as a backhoe and as large as a mining haultruck. These kits are fully customizable … Read more

WaterBox – A Water Pump Built For Water-Hammer Drills

By Tyler Duprey | August 4, 2023

Down-the-hole (DTH) water-hammer drilling (also known as ‘Wassara drilling’) is used in sensitive drilling situations. One challenge with this kind of drilling has always been fluctuating pressure and flowrate. That’s why we created WaterBox™ – for greater precision.  The MEDATech Borterra WaterBox is a self-contained diesel- or electric-powered unit that pumps water at the exact … Read more

Putting dam remediation into overdrive

By Medatech | July 30, 2023

With approximately 5,000 embankment dams over 40 years of age, utilities and local governments in the eastern United States have their work cut out for them. There are many methods of stabilizing dams that are leaking. One of these involved the consolidation of the bedrock upon which the dam is situated as well as the … Read more

20th anniversary

By Tyler Duprey | July 15, 2023

A dynamic team From Rob’s house, MEDATech moved to a tiny unit on Hurontario Street next to where the Wild Stand is today. From there, we hopped over to 25 Sanford Fleming, where we partitioned off and occupied a quarter of the building. By the time we moved to 35 Sanford Fleming in 2009, MEDATech … Read more

Building high-voltage power distribution units

By Tyler Duprey | May 18, 2023

HV PDUs for heavy-duty battery-electric vehicles As you might imagine, every electric vehicle comes with a panel that handles power distribution. Current from the battery is distributed through fuses to all of the high-voltage loads—traction drive, power steering and brake resistors, for example.  Building HV PDU panels for OEMs When our customers want a panel … Read more

MEDATech teams up with Queen’s Engineering

By Tyler Duprey | May 9, 2023

When you have a puzzle to solve, it is sometimes helpful to define the task and then provide ‘guardrails’ rather than prescribe a methodology for solving it. The reason? Different approaches to problem-solving yield different results.

RodBot – The Hydraulic Robotic Pipe Handler

By Tyler Duprey | May 8, 2023

MEDATech Borterra’s RodBot™ is a robotic drill-rod handler that boosts workplace safety. Designed specifically for loading and unloading drill rods and casing, RodBot cuts manual rod handling by 95% and reduces the number of people needed on a drill rig, in most cases, to a single operator.  Created by MEDATech’s Borterra drilling division, the hydraulic, … Read more

Robotics in Drilling: Safety & Production

By Tyler Duprey | May 8, 2023

According to, industrial robotics sector revenues are forecast to grow from $14.6 billion in 2020 to $352.1 billion by 2030. That’s an increase of 37.5%, year over year. What’s driving robotics adoption? Safety, productivity and sustainability, with safety firmly in the lead in industries where hazards abound, such as mining and drilling. Patrick Salvador, … Read more

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