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The importance of proper heavy equipment design and prototyping cannot be overstated as prototype designs steer the success of future equipment commissioning. To achieve a prototype design which is cost effective, safe, and robust, within a short timeline, may appear to be a daunting task for you. There could be numerous design and safety parameters which you will have to meet in order to have a hassle free business operation. You may be stressed with the idea of building a capable in-house team from scratch for just one or a few projects.


Heavy Equipment Prototype: We partner with you in creating a complete prototype machine from a concept. Using our in-house design and engineering services, we are able to iterate through concepts and assess different scenarios before arriving at a definitive design. We retrofit existing machines or products with new or modified components to avoid obsolescence in the nearby future.

Safe and Robust: Heavy Equipment needs to be both robust and safe. Meeting such criteria may be overwhelming because you are either busy with your operating activities or lack in-house capabilities. We take care of all such requirements while you focus on your other business commitments.

Cost Effective: Cost optimization is one of our mandates. We enable you to come out with equipment prototypes where each penny counts. The payback period of the project will be the best in the industry.

Quick Turnaround Time: We will make sure that your projects do not get delayed. However, we understand that the prototype product decides the future success. Hence, we strive for the optimum timeline best suited for success of the project.

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